About Us

We fell in love with the MyBoard idea during our 1st Wedding Anniversary holiday to Hawaii, Waikiki. Hawaii has always held a special place in our hearts… Our first visit there was in 2016, and was our first overseas trip together as a couple. During this time we fell in love with Waikiki, the food, the culture and the people.
Our second visit to Hawaii was in 2017 on our way home from the USA, where we visited LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. During our stay this time Maui captured our hearts! The laid back, picturesque beaches are truly amazing! We braved the Hana Highway, saw it’s amazing beauty, unique waterfalls and churches; swam with big sea turtles, and enjoyed the gorgeous Maui sunsets.
It was during our last trip to Waikiki in 2019 that we fell in love with Turtle Bay, braved KoKo Head walking trail and found a whole new appreciation for Japanese food. It was also when we discovered the concept of MyBoard! We saw an opportunity to bring to you a customizable keepsake to place in your home as reminder of the many blessing in your life such as family, love, your pets, holidays shared and your home. We hope they bring you as much joy as they have bought us, and remind you each day of the good things in your life.