Terrigal Beach Markets

Hello and welcome to the New Year from Alfie and Bo!


Alfie and Bo have some exciting news coming very very soon so hold tight! But because it’s the New Year and we are feeling positive for the year ahead we will give part of our big exciting news.


Alfie and Bo are proud to announce we are all booked in for our next local markets on the Central Coast NSW. We are pleased to announce Alfie and Bo will be apart of the Terrigal Beach Markets Saturday the 1st February 2020.  So come along and see the team at Aflie and Bo and our awesome products.


Along with this great news of the markets Alfie and Bo will be launching new products in the coming fortnight which will also be on display at our market stool. As it is our first market of 2020, Alfie and Bo will be doing “Special Market Day Prices” on our market stool all day along with being able to mix and match your MyBoards to whatever you like. You can have a giraffe, dog and love heart all in the one board crazy!


Stay tuned for our new products launching in the coming weeks and have a great week ahead.


If you would like more information on the Terrigal Beach Markets please find the link below



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