On The First Day Of Christmas

It is the 1st December which means 24 sleeps now until Christmas day!


Christmas is Alfie & Bo’s favourite time of the year. Why you ask?


Look at our Christmas spirited cover photo! As you can tell by our cover photo Alfie was super happy and in the Christmas festive mood to be sporting his Santa Claus outfit last year.


Christmas is always a special time of the year especially celebrating and just spending important time with family. Maybe a part of it is the element of giving gifts to our loved ones and watching them open their presents with excitement. Maybe it’s the amazing food our loved ones have cooked. Or maybe it’s just spending valuable time with our loved ones together. This is why Christmas is Alfie & Bo’s favourite time of the year. If you love Christmas as much as us, let us know why.


As it is close to Christmas, Alfie & Bo are feeling in the festive mood. Having trouble finding a gift for a loved one? You’re in luck Alfie & Bo has a Christmas special just for you!

Free Shipping on all purchases until the end of the year!


Merry Christmas


Alfie & Bo Team.



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