Happy New Year

First off all Happy New Year from the team at Alfie & Bo!


We hope your New Year Eve was amazing aswell as your 2019.


2019 has been personally a challenging year for us but also an exciting year. When we reflect back on our previous year, we have been faced with some hard times. But we have pulled through together. Sometimes the best things to pull you out from a hard situation is to surround yourself with loved ones and remember the good times and also have hope of what’s to come. By us as a family sticking together and sharing our love that has helped us pull through those dark times.


Although there have been some hard times in 2019 it hasn’t all been bad. We have been able to create and launch our new business Alfie & Bo to the world. This has been a project of ours for so long, an idea which started off as a small vision during a holiday and gradually grew into what it is now. We have been blessed by our beautiful wolfhound x Alfie who brings us so much happiness and being able to bring our idea of Alfie & Bo to life in the hope we can bring our ideas to your home.

2020 is now upon us which brings a new start and new resolutions. We at Aflie & Bo wish you a happy new year and hope this new year is even better than the last.


Alfie & Bo has an exciting year planned ahead where we look forward to bring you new products with a wider range so watch this space!


Send us your new year’s resolutions as we would love to hear from you!


Much Love

Team Alfie & Bo.


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