Meet Alfie, the Wolfhound.

After getting married and having the “honeymoon” period, my wife and I started to talk about growing our family and adding an additional furry member to it. We made the decision to look for rescue dogs and set out most weekends to find our newest member. We searched for a while and became emotionally attached to so many beautiful, kind souls, and it was so hard to choose. We were also unexpectedly expecting another addition to the family - Sarah was pregnant. The excitement of this consumed us as it would, and we thought we should put our rescue mission on the back burner. However, after 8 weeks we discovered that we unfortunately miscarried.

Sometimes life throws a curveball, which makes you realise what is important. I don’t know whether it was an impulse decision, or us finally saying “you know what, let’s take the step”.  Some weeks after our misfortune we saw on the local Paws A Moment site little Tonko, a Wolfhound X Staffy. We decided to inquire into the little man and arranged a meet up with him. When we saw Tonko, he was a timid dog who had recently entered the world and was looking for his forever home. We knew at first sight he was the one for us. The saying ‘love at first sight’ definitely made sense after our visit with Tonko, who later was renamed as Alfie.

Alfie has filled us with so much happiness and joy. Every day, no matter if it’s been a good day or if life has dealt you some bad cards, we can always come home and be sure that Alfie the wolfhound will fill us with joy and happiness.

When creating Alfie & Bo we searched long and hard for a company name that was related to us and had a positive underlying message. It took many weeks of going back and forth when in fact it was staring at us right in the face whole time.

Alfie’s blonde grainy fur inspires the colour theme of our first MyBoards.

Stay tuned for more Alfie & Bo related posts.